Mark Goudy ceramics

I came to ceramics late in life, in my 50s, following a 20-year career as a computer chip design engineer in the computer graphics industry (working for companies such as Pixar, Silicon Graphics, and nVidia.) It all started with a raku class, an homage to my recently deceased mother, a lifelong potter. I found working with clay to be a cathartic experience - working with my hands in this medium resonates at some deep unconscious level.

This work merges my engineering and artistic sensibilities. My continued passion with the medium is stimulated by the exploration of design, process, form, pattern, and the myriad levels of problem solving that are intrinsic to my work. I am drawn to minimalist archetypal forms that reflect the geometries of nature. Weathered stones are a central inspiration for me. These perfect forms emerge through the planetary process of plate tectonics where cooling magma from deep in the earth is brought to the surface and subjected to the physics of erosion over eons. These rounded shapes can be seen on any beach, in any streambed. Echoes of this timeless progression reverberate in my work.

My approach is very much material and process oriented. Early on I was attracted to the technical challenge and aesthetic possibilities of working with soluble metal salts on unglazed clay. These "watercolors" penetrate the bisque-fired clay and become an integral part of the material after firing. I am attracted to intricate abstract patterns that can't be comprehended at a single glance, inviting in-depth exploration. My rounded forms are designed to be held in one's hands, and when set on a flat surface, gently rock before coming to rest at their own natural balance point.